Providing life-saving treatment for Palestinians

Serving Palestine from our partner clinic in the West bank.

We facilitate Primary Care assistance

Rivers of Mercy is a UK-based international outreach mission serving Palestine. We’re collecting for acute relief through water, medical aid, individual case sponsorship, and education.

You don’t have to be of a certain faith to help; you just have to be human.


Through our network of pharmacies, we support means-tested patients with medicinal aid. This can be for low-income or deprived patients being treated for cancer, diabetes, long-term conditions, mental health, and more.


Due to travel costs, many patients cannot attend hospital appointments and treatments such as dialysis and chemotherapy. These treatments can be as regular as three times a week minimum; in most cases, not attending can lead to implications or mortality.

We support means-tested patients with transport to and from their clinical appointments.


Every day, living costs, including the price of food and water, are rising. Our organisation works to credit food stores, which, in turn, provide food items to means-tested families.


To ensure healthcare assistants can better support patients in the comfort of their homes, supplementary training will be provided by qualified healthcare professionals from the United Kingdom.

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Latest patient cases

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Rivers of Mercy and our partner clinic in Jerico Anhar Al-Rahma Medical and Nursing Center announce an open day for pregnant women on Wednesday, April …
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Volunteer teachers needed for Palestine education project

With the catastrophic disruption to education for Palestinian students, we have started a project to provide classes remotely from the UK. Unfortunately, providing remote teaching …
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100% donation policy

We come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including healthcare, education, business, and IT. We’re volunteers, not paid employees.

We operate on a 100% donation policy, meaning every penny of yours will reach the most needy. Zero deductions!!

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